State Botanical Garden of Georgia

A Charismatic Chemistry

Ally & Alex are both chem grad students, but their chemistry doesn't stop there. They are the type of couple that produce joy in others in just being around them. Charismatic with each other, lovely to be around as a couple yet also lovely as individuals, they are the kind of clients Wedding Photographers dream of! I left their engagement session excited & so grateful to do what I do. I think the joy of the session, and their love for each other really shines through in their images. We had a blast!

The Proposal

There are few things I love more than a trail with a waterfall. I was an avid trail runner back in the day(haha), by that I mean pre-3 kids and running a business full-time. So when Ally told me how Alex proposed I instantly felt connected. In February of 2023, after dating for almost a year,(and being friends for several years) they started talking about engagement. Alex wanted to surprise Ally with the proposal, so he started planning random dates to throw her off the trail(cheesy pun-intended).

On a Saturday in late March they went hiking at Panther Creek Falls, where he surprised her with a proposal at the top of the waterfall!

A Fall Wedding

Ally & Alex will be having their September wedding at Camp Kiwanis in Danielsville, Georgia. Ally is going for a more fall color scheme, including terracotta, maroons & deep blush tones. LOVE. Such a complimentary aesthetic for her!

I decided to lean into that fall vibe by finishing up their session off the beaten path a little, at the Botanical Gardens. The wheat color wheel and deeper green tree line played nicely don't you think? I always try to incorporate things related to my couples, whether wedding colors, hobbies, how they met, or themes they desire in their session. Every couple is unique, and every session is tailored to reflect who you are.

What's something you hope to see in your engagement session that's unique to you?