A Winter Engagement: Authentic Moments at Founder's Memorial Garden, UGA's North Campus

Love knows no season, and for one sweet couple, the chilly weather of Athens, Georgia, couldn't dampen the warmth of their engagement session at Founder's Garden on UGA's North Campus.

As the couple strolled hand in hand through the picturesque setting, the crisp winter air served as the perfect backdrop to their snuggly session. The stone pathways and historic architecture of Founder's Garden provided a timeless charm, creating an atmosphere that resonated with the couple's shared journey.

Braving the cold together, we discovered the beautiful greenery thriving in even the harshest of circumstances. I'm convinced Founder's Garden has the most green anywhere in the state of Georgia right now.

What truly set this engagement session apart was the couple's ability to unfold, and become more comfortable in front of the camera. Many couples find it challenging to shed their inhibitions and be natural during a photoshoot, but these two did just that. The serene ambiance of Founder's Garden seemed to create an environment where authenticity flourished. The garden is special, in that is feels like a small world within a world, it is secluded, quaint, intimate, feels hidden from the outside elements.

I enjoyed capturing these genuine moments not only documented digitally but also by shooting film. The soft click of the film camera echoed through the garden, capturing the laughter, stolen glances, and love between the Grace & Steven. Each frame encapsulated their essence as a couple, preserving the magic of this pivotal chapter in their lives.

Grace & Steven will be getting married at TPC Sugarloaf in Duluth, April 2024. We are at the final countdown, and I cannot wait to celebrate them alongside A Touch of Whimsi Weddings!

About Founder's Memorial Garden

Nestled in the heart of the University of Georgia's North Campus, Founder's Garden stands as a testament to history, romance, and timeless beauty. This carefully preserved green oasis has become a coveted spot for engagement sessions, weaving together the past and present in a picturesque setting.

Historical Roots:

Founded in 1785, the University of Georgia holds the title of the nation's first public university. Founder's Garden, established in the mid-20th century, pays homage to the university's rich history. The garden's name honors the founders and leaders who shaped UGA's legacy, creating a space that echoes with academic tradition.