1055 Barber: Athens Newest Event Venue

A Floral Affair

The serotonin-boosting colors, the lovely calming scents, the beautiful aesthetic, what's not to love about a lush, perfectly curated floral arrangement? However, as an Athens Georgia wedding photographer, my specialty is photographing the florals, not arranging them. So when I heard about the Sip & Design Pop Up Shop with Epting Events floral director Su-Lin at 1055 Barber, I HAD to attend!!

Epting Events


If there is one thing I know for certain, it is that Epting Events catering staff MAKES SOME OF THE MOST DELICIOUS FOOD EVER. Corn dip, biscuits, wine, count us IN. I may or may not have hung out by the bar cart sampling the delicious assortment offered at the design pop up. Never fails, guests LOVE the good food, as did I.

PRO TIP: Highly recommend a "tasting" with Epting Events if you are a in the market for an excellent catering company. Thank me later!

Blooming Creativity

Florals by Su-Lin

After filling up on delicious hors d'oeuvres, we sat down to learn the ins and outs of creating flower arrangements. Su-Lin walked us through alternatives to getting started, with options like using tape or chicken wire crunched into a ball. This helps keep the stems in place. Then we got to the arranging. Corner by corner, each flower and fern found it's place. The key for me was going corner by corner, and making sure stems stay in their lanes so to speak. It's lovely to see how we all used the exact same flowers, yet all of our work came out slightly different. It is a true art, and every single arrangement is unique to it's artist.

PRO FLORAL TIP: Rotate the arrangement all throughout the creating process to make sure it looks good from all sides.

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Athens Georgia's Newest Wedding & Event Venue

New Kid on the Block

1055 Barber is the newest event venue in Athens, Georgia. The third baby of Epting Events, 1055 Barber features a capacity of over 600, this 10,000 sq ft, and is even larger than it's older sister Athens Cotton Press. In addition to the inside space, it also has a 2500 sq foot patio, which is where our lovely Sip & Design took place. Scroll down for FAQs on 1055 Barber.

I loved getting to see the venue, and also getting to brag to my husband(a former florist assistant in high school) with my lovely floral arrangement in our kitchen. Who's the pro now?!

Can't wait for the next event at 1055 Barber! In fact, this Sip & Design Pop Up was SUCH A HIT, that Epting Events & Su-Lin are hosting ANOTHER one on July 27th from 6-7:30pm, @ 1055 Barber! Secure your spot by RSVPing to floral@eptingevents.com.

Athens event planners, time to put 1055 Barber on your radar! It is sure to be an up and coming host to many community events, meetings, workshops, Greek events, and holiday parties in 2023-2024.



What is the venue's capacity?

600+ people

Is parking available?

Yes, 1055 Barber has over 100 parking spots located right on site.

Is outside food or alcohol prohibited?

Food, alcohol and florals are provided in house with Epting Events when you use 1055 Barber.

What rentals do you offer?

(10) 8' tables
(4) 30' highbar tables
(5) 36' round tables
(5) 48" round tables
(6) 60' round tables
(345) chairs