A Perfect Love Story: Amber and Scott's Moonlight Stables Wedding

Moonlight Stables in Dallas, Georgia quite literally provided the perfect backdrop for this magical October day. With its rustic charm, rolling fields, and the warm embrace of nature, the setting couldn't have been more idyllic for Amber and Scott's special day. With perfect weather and mother nature's incredible scenery, the stunning bride and her smitten groom celebrated their love surrounded by their precious family and children.

Amber, the breathtakingly beautiful bride, radiated joy and elegance in her satin & tulle wedding gown. The layers, ohh the layers! The way they photographed as she moved about the property, any photographer's dream Bride. Without a doubt one of the most beautiful women any of us had ever seen. She's the kind of woman that stops everyone in their tracks when she enters a room. I knew this the moment I met at at their engagement session. Strong, confident, fiercely beautiful, but kind, gentle, approachable. With a handsome Groom that absolutely adored her. From the first look to the walk down the aisle, Scott's eyes filled with tears of admiration and love. Their connection was palpable as Amber whispered an "I love you," to her person halfway down the aisle. Like a scene from a movie, and a testament to their deep and genuine affection for each other. You could see it.. it was just the two of them during that moment, the rest of us melting away into the background. This is a couple capable of weathering storms together, a couple that has built a life and family together. A perfect union that only God can bring together.

The couple's union was made even more special by the presence of their precious family and children. Love and unity were the prevailing themes of the day as Amber and Scott's children played a central role in their wedding ceremony. Loving daughter Parker, at their sides, sweet baby Bennett as he was pulled in a wagon by his fellow ring bearer. Their blending of families was a beautiful symbol of the love and commitment they shared.

The ceremony was a heartfelt and emotional affair, with promises made, vows exchanged, and rings placed on fingers, sealing their love in a bond that would last a lifetime. Friends and family watched in awe as the couple embraced as newlyweds.

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The celebration continued into the evening with a joyful reception, where laughter and dancing filled the air. The twinkling lights layered across the barn set the tone for a fun, intimate reception. The love and happiness that surrounded Amber and Scott were evident in every smile, every toast, and every dance move.

As the night came to a close, it was clear that Amber and Scott's love story was just beginning. Their wedding at Moonlight Stables was a testament to the enduring power of love, family, and commitment.

May their love always shine as bright as the moonlight on their special day, and may their journey together be as beautiful as the love they share. Congratulations, Amber and Scott!


Photographer: Elizabeth Graycheck Photography

Videographer: Dominant Productions

Venue: Moonlight Stables

Coordinator: Rosely Events

Hair & Makeup: Babeland Bridal

Florals: Vase Floral Expressions

Catering: 1885

Marquee Sign: Alpha Lit